The Top 10 Things That Will Get You To the BACK OF THE LINE!

Posted in Bartender Mantra by behindthewood on April 20, 2011

For those of you who read this, beware – if you do some of these things on the list below, you may NOT be served while standing at the bar.  You have been warned.

10 – Know what you want to order when you get to the bar – as in do not make a fuss of getting a drink, then take your time to figure out what you want. Back of the line.

9 – Do not be a penny picker – if you can’t afford to tip you should not be able to afford to drink. Back of the line.

8 – We don’t control last call – begging us won’t help so stop because it will not get you anywhere. You should have listened to the DJ. Back of the line, which is now at Pizza Pizza.

7 – I’m sorry…did you just snap your fingers/whistle/shout my name/pretend to be someone you are not? That’s what I thought – Back of the line.

6 – For those who say this “Can you put a little more vodka in this drink? I can’t taste the booze!” – No. Back of the line.

5 – Another good one “What do you have?” – Are you serious? Back of the line.

4 – Don’t get mad at the price of the drinks that rappers like – if it was cheap they wouldn’t be rapping about it. Back of the line.

3 – Buying a bottle and table service does not make you a ‘baller’ – tipping the server/bartender accordingly helps though. Back of the line.

2 – I don’t care who you know, I am not giving you a free drink. Back of the line.

1 – People who can’t hold their alcohol – fighting is not what a bar is for, nor is puking, falling over, or any other unclassy sight.  Go drink your Screwdrivers at home if you can’t hang with the rest of the league.  Back of the line.


So You Think You Can Flair…Volume 1

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So have you ever heard of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’? Well this is nothing like that, but we will call it ‘So You Think You Can Flip’, for the sake of familiarity in proposition.  This is a call to all Flair Bartenders, wanna be Flair Bartenders, or just freakishly good bottle balancers slash people with great hand eye coordination.  We want you to video tape your best, your smoothest, and our craziest Bottle Stall and see if you can beat Mark and Ian’s combo stall featured below.

The prize… is the purest of all prizes – Bragging Rights.  We are just starting to build the Behind The Wood Flair tour for sh*t sakes, cut us some slack!  Besides, what is better than knowing you have the best stall?  Maybe a nice wad of cash or a bottle of Louis XIII, yeah, maybe, but keep dreaming.

So there it is folks!  Email all submissions to and we will post them as we get them!  We will keep this open to discussion, and as always visit for all your Bar and Restaurant Supply needs, Flair Training, or just time wasting!  Pass this along to friends and we will start something huge!

Marks BTW Premier!

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So here he is ladies and gentlemen, Mark Broad – bartender extraordinaire and entrepreneur to the extreme – in his launch video of Behind the Wood.  Expect more of this to come – but funnier, full of fun stuff, and probably educational in some sort of way.

We are still working on that.

P.S. this is clearly pre-open, and before Mark won Flair competitions on the TFL Circuit.

A very large thank you to the DWBIA for producing and posting this video on YouTube.

to visit the DWBIA blog and read the post about BTW please click on the following:

What on Earth is a ‘Behind The Wood Bar Store & Flair Studio’?!

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Behind the Wood – unless you are in the ‘industry’ you may think we are a porn shop (which we frequently get mistaken for).  However for those who do not know the lingo – this is a term for where a bartender stands, since the bar itself is commonly known as ‘The Wood’, and typically bartenders are behind there.  Unless they are partying – in which case they would be in front of ‘The Wood’ and totally defeats the purpose of bartending all together.

Before we go too deep into semantics, let’s get something straight – Behind the Wood is a unique hybrid store catering to bartenders amateur to elite, flair-tenders, enthusiasts/collectors/people who like novelty items (and trust us, you can find some pretty damn funny stuff here), and even bar owners.  Basically we are two stores who have fallen in love and married in order to give everyone what they need in one stop!  With a large inventory of bar supplies for the owners (everything from glasses to rimmers, tools to training – even cases of water if you are low on a Saturday night) to the tools of the trade and items for bartenders – you can find whatever you drinking heart desires at Behind The Wood.

Below is an article posted in the September issue of Windsor Social Magazine – whatever I could not explain above (or I have already confused you with) will be explained here!

Located at 515 Ouellette Ave., the ultimate playground for bar owners, bartenders, home bartenders and those who simply enjoy the occasional libation is finally here. From glassware to beer bongs, bottle openers to portable bars, footwear to flair bottles, Behind the Wood Bar Store & Flair Studio has it all. Their unique custom flair studio offers an unbreakable glass booth for pros to improve their bartending skills or for amateurs to just have fun flipping bottles.

The unique concept of the store is an idea that owners Mark and Ricki-Jo Broad have been stirring up for quite some time.  The married bartender couple have worked in the service industry for over 10 years. Originally, Mark and his brother Dave invented and began to peddle magnetic bartending gear. Their door-to-door marketing soon expanded to online retail. When the opportunity for a retail space came up, the idea of expanding on seemed to the perfect match for them, because of their combined years of experience,  love for the bar industry and knowing the frustrations that bar owners struggle with everyday. “We know it’s not easy to run a successful business in this industry, so that’s why we cater to bar owners with our late hours, special rush orders on glassware, top notch pricing and pretty much anything they need “says Ricki-Jo. “The idea of our store is to provide quality service with the added personal relationship to the bar owner.  Working with bar owners very closely to help improve their business is our top priority.”

In addition along with Flow-rite draft specialist, the pair offers products and services for the previously un-breached barrier of the draft beer world. From line cleaning, building custom home bars and draft units to sophisticated systems they can help take care all draft needs.

So stop by the retail shop at 515 Ouellette Ave, to check out all of the fun party and gift ideas they have for any occasion.  The friendly staff (party expects) will be happy to assist you with any question you may have about your next party.  There is something for everyone.
Windsor Social Magazine – September 2010

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